• Dr. Janice Fletcher

    Author of Optimal Wisdom Learning

    "Moving through his book, Picture your Life, results in creating a life of calm, peace and serenity.
    It is clear Tim’s extensive expertise has come to full fruition as he shares it with all through the experience of his book. Buy it, have fun with it and create a new life….then live it! Simple"

  • Connie Shaw

    Ret. Chaplain in Corrections

    “Tim’s unique and diverse history has imbued his book with a wisdom that is
    extremely useful to anyone no matter their personal background.
    Tim’s insightful and creative style of counseling is a solid basis for this book.”

  • Joyce Pharoah

    Library & Archive Co-ordinator Homewood Health Centre

    “Written with the mental health client in mind, this book demonstrates true and tried ways to help people heal.
    Tim’s positive FRAMES are easy to use and will assist anyone going through life’s struggles.
    It has excellent references and will be a great addition to everyone’s library. ”

  • Paola Hohenadel

    Therapist & Quality Child Care Coordinator, Guelph and Wellington County

    "Tim Tentcher of Crossing Cultures Cuisine was our keynote speaker for the 7th Annual Quality Child Care Initiative Child Care Cooks’ Conference. Tim’s intriguing message of how DAL (Diet, Attitude and Lifestyle) can contribute to one’s overall healthy lifestyle. Thank-you Tim for inspiring a community of cooks’ who provide daily meals to our youngest citizens."

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