Treatment For Panic Attacks Revealed!

Treatment for panic attacks cannot be a one solution fix. Panic is complex. Life is complex. So many things can happen and this is why treatment for panic attacks needs to be done for the issue that is happening. I am writing 25 panic situation solutions for this blog to show how treatment for panic attacks works. This is panic situation solution # 13 and we are going to reveal how to deal with panic while getting lost while driving.

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Treatment For Panic Attacks

You are on the road and your GPS has pulled you into a place that is not where you are supposed to be! (This really happened to me!) It is 11 pm and you’re tired. You’re picking up your wife who was being dropped off by a friend. You feel stupid that you cannot find the place and call your wife on the cell phone and they try to tell you where to go. The Bluetooth stops working so you hang up as you do not want a distracted driving ticket.

The parking lot you are in is a maze of parking lots you cannot even find the road!

So your heart races, you feel dizzy, is it safe to drive?

Treatment For Panic Attacks Need To Be Specific

No, it is not safe to drive…

You need to pull over. Relax your head, on the wheel or put the seat back and breathe deeply.

Tell yourself this situation sucks, GPS sucks, being out at 11 pm sucks, being tired sucks.

Relax your muscles and your jaw.

This situation is not your fault. You are a loving person doing a loving act for someone you love.

After your not dizzy, call again to try get another address to type into the GPS.

Clearing your head makes you think.

You get the address and you find your lost love! But you have a headache and are still shaking.

Ask her to drive. Then she tells you the place they gave you to meet was really a dumb place to meet.

Now you learn that panic is not all your fault.  It can be dealt with. You are not stupid, you have a medical condition called anxiety!

We need to learn skills and this is why I give people support.

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Treatment for panic attacks works but you need to know that it depends on the situation. You need to learn the skills for each thing that could happen. Many of the skills interconnect. The main thing to know is that panic is NOT YOUR FAULT. It is a treatable condition and I would be happy to help!