Treatment for panic attacks works but you need to know that it depends on the situation. You need to learn the skills for each thing that could happen. Many of the skills interconnect. The main thing to know is that panic is NOT YOUR FAULT.  Mental Health Support can help you to find meaning, to be more engaged in life and to increase positive emotion. The theory behind what we do is that happiness can separate into three different elements that are better defined and more measurable than happiness.

  • Positive Emotion
  • Engagement
  • Meaning

Positive emotion describes what we feel: pleasure, rapture, ecstasy, warmth, comfort, etc. It is called a “pleasant life.” Engagement is about flow, being one with the music, the sense that time has stopped, and the loss of self-consciousness during an interesting activity. A life lived with these aims is the “engaged life.”

There is yet a third element of happiness – meaning. Human beings want meaning and purpose in life. The “Meaningful Life” consists of belonging to and serving something that you believe is bigger than yourself. Humanity has created positive institutions that enable us to experience meaning, especially religion, political party, being Green, the Boy Scouts, or the family.

We offer service to the under insured and the uninsured person. We are committed to giving you service that is affordable accessible and effective.