Picture Your Life

This handbook is a practical manual designed to enhance your life. Drawn from ancient wisdom passed down through the years and combined with recent work in the field of positive psychology and cognitive therapy creating a practical approach that has helped people to make changes to their lives. In this handbook, learn the frames of life.

Take a look at this small section of Picture Your Life:

“Researchers tell us that to have positive emotions we need to live a life that has meaning and that is engaging. For thousands of years, poets, prophets, musicians, and scholars from all religions have written about how to be happy or what will make us happy. Some of the research from the Positive Psychology movement has demonstrated a connection with ancient wisdom. For example, our life needs to be engaging. We need to focus not only on what we have and what we want, although these things are a small part of happiness. But our focus also needs to be for “the greater good” and it should connect to something beyond ourselves. Research shows that first and foremost, the happiest people focus on something beyond themselves. Beyond that, they have a good supportive marriage and a partner they can count on. They have good friends, but not too many (2-4 is the average) but they also have a network of more distant friends that support their goals and aspirations. Their framework is in order and the picture of their life is going in a direction they have projected and are trying to attain.”

This handbook describes the four areas or frames of life and FRAMES exercises designed to help keep life focused and clear.

4 Frames:

  • Frame 1, Picturing a life with purpose and direction, focuses on life planning and goal setting.
  • Frame 2, Picturing a life with magnificent mental health helps us manage thoughts that trouble us and make us anxious, worried or depressed.
  • Frame 3, Picturing a life with loving relationships helps us deal with relationships in a loving manner, face conflicts or accept the reality of the personalities we live with.
  • Frame 4, Picturing a life of serenity helps us visualize a life filled with calm and peace, making our life as serene as it can be.

Each Frame contains practical concepts drawn from scientific and ancient wisdom literature that are supported by well-researched exercises. Unlike most self-help books the methods are researched to be effective!

How to use Picture Your Life;

You can read this book cover to cover or you can focus on the Frame that you are drawn to, the areas in your life that need work. Some sections will guide you to the FRAMES exercises at the end of the book. Picture Your Life will help you create a contented mind and find the beauty of your soul!

I highly endorse this book! Everyone can benefit from Tim Tentcher’s words of wisdom that guide us through his FRAMES Tools. He has made it fun and easy to reflect and dream into new possibilities. Defining “picturing” our purpose and direction lead us naturally into creating goals to manifest magnificent mental heal, loving relationships, successfully facing conflicts and accepting our personalities. Moving through his book, Picture your Life, results in creating a life of calm, peace and serenity. It is clear Tim’s extensive expertise has come to full fruition as he shares it with all through the experience of his book. Buy it, have fun with it and create a new life….then live it! Simple.


Written with the mental health client in mind, this book demonstrates true and tried ways to help people heal. Tim’s positive FRAMES are easy to use and will assist anyone going through life’s struggles. It has excellent references and will be a great addition to everyone’s library.