We work with teams to help them have magnificent mental health.

We work the executive team members in one on one sessions. Those times are confidential. This way the team member feels free to share things that are going on in the workplace and at home. How work impacts our home life needs to be reviewed. This is a major cause of stress. Unidentified mental health concerns need to be addressed. We then help team members who need further support get it and try to accommodate them so they can function to the best of their ability.

Connecting to HR is also a part of our strategy. We need to tap into the HR perspective to see if they see signs of burnout in the staff they are working with.  Monthly team meetings to teach the executive team about issues such as team dynamics and signs of stress getting in the way of performance.

A Performance measure is taken assessing the following areas:

Perform: The following areas need to be monitored for the team to come to its full level of performance, each happens on its own but they do occur together.

Purpose: We need to have apparent purpose goals. Plans to reach those goals need to be clearly spelled out and people need to know what their roles are.

Empowerment is built with our Executive Coach: Delegation leads to empowerment. Team members need to be praised and see the good in the tasks they have been assigned. Goals need to be clearly stated. Small steps to the goal need to be recognized. If all we see is the dirt on the window we will never see that it may be a window of opportunity.

Relationships and communication:  How we communicate with one another needs to be open and respectful. Stuffed feelings lead to stress.

Flexibility: The only thing that is consistent is that things will change. Teams can get stuck. We need to encourage flexibility. This builds trust. Our Executive Coach can help!

Recognition and Appreciation: One of the things we do in our Executive Coach program is chart recognition and appreciation. Too often this is overlooked. What is not monitored and observed will be overlooked. We want a team that feels good about itself. If we do not recognize and appreciate we will not build good morale.

Morale Effective: Team leaders adjust the way they work to provide the group what it cannot provide for itself. To build a good sense of morale we need to do all the things stated above.

These areas need to be assessed and this is what we do as an Executive Coach. The 6 key areas cover the primary sources of stress at work. As a wellness consultant, we can pinpoint the area to focus on. The fresh eyes of an Executive Coach help you see the forest rather than just the trees!