We are a divsion of Action Based Coaching 

One of the things our Executive Coach does is an assessment that shows where the team is at. Things that need to be assessed are. 

  • Do you have a stress policy? Does it clearly outline what stress is?
  • Are you conducting risk assessments for stress?
  • Is there a coach – mental health support person to help with the stress they can access?
  • Is that person training the managers about stress and how to help their staff deal with it?
  • Are workloads being monitored?

A policy connected to what to do about stress is critical. You need to be aware of stress levels as they happen and involved in solutions. Here are some signs of stress:

Poor sleep, negative thinking, indecisiveness, drinking or drugs to relax, eating more, being nervous, and stomach issues.

Here is an example of an action plan to know stress levels.

  • Demands: The organization provides employees with adequate and achievable demands in relation to the agreed hours of work. Yes / No
  • Desired state: Average to good performance with a number of hours expected to work.
  • The Current state: Bad/very bad performance. Workloads are not planned and peaks often occur during summer when people are on annual leave.
  • Practical solutions: Plan the work better and if peaks do clash with fixed annual leave commitments consider talking to other departments to see if temporary resources can be provided.
  • Who will take the work forward? Line managers to lead and suggest the idea to senior managers.
  • When? The issue to be raised at the next senior managers meeting.
  • How will staff receive feedback?  Via monthly meetings, staff bulletins.

Why should we be concerned about work-related stress?  

  • It is an occupational health issue.
  • It can cause severe physical and psychological conditions in your workers.
  • It can also lead to poor productivity and human error, increased sickness absence, increases in accidents, high staff turnover and poor performance in your organization.
  • In England, stress was assessed nationally and it caused 11 million days of sick time.
  • Health and safety legislation requires you to assess the level of risk from hazards in the workplace and to take all reasonably practicable measures to prevent or sufficiently reduce that risk.

Management Standards cover six key areas of work design that, if not properly managed they are associated with poor health and wellbeing. Executive Coach will assess these areas.

  • Are demands too high?
  • Do people feel they have a sense of control?
  • Do people have the support they need?
  • Are working relationships positive?
  • Do people understand their role within the organization and does the organization ensure roles are not conflicting?
  • How is organizational change managed and communicated?