Controlling Anxiety Is Possible In The NOW

The Amen Method = Controlling Anxiety

I am a graduate of the Dr. Amen University and use his methods to help heal mental health issues such as controlling anxiety. The Amen Method represents a true paradigm shift in optimizing and healing the brain. We believe it is critical to look at your brain within the context of your life.

Controlling Anxiety

The Amen method has been developed using over 115,000 brain scans proving that the method heals issues of ADD, Depression, Controlling Anxiety, Dementia, Concussion and Brain Injury.


With the depth of our experience using the Amen method, we have added additional indications for the use of brain SPECT scans: evaluating complex or resistant psychiatric issues, subtyping ADD, controlling anxiety and depression, assessing memory problems, aggression, school, job and relationship failure, substance abuse, and optimizing brain function. Over the last 23 years, the Amen Method has built the world’s largest database of brain SPECT scans which has revolutionized how we help our patients and teach the world about brain health.

We specialize in the treatment of men.


Please take a look at how the Amen Method works for healing.

Using these methods work because of the science behind them. I would be happy to help you and your family members to recover from the mental health issues affect your life.

Controlling anxiety is not easy! I know I suffer from it myself. The main thing I know is that IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT and it is not a weakness. It is a medical condition that needs support. I am here to support you and know that the Amen method works! Combined with tools from my book Picture Your Life  Controlling Anxiety, depression, addictions can happen!

Controlling anxiety can feel like an up cliff climb!

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Controlling anxiety is not easy.

I should know I have been living with it all of my life. My daughter and wife also have issues with controlling anxiety. So why would a therapist who has issues with controlling anxiety be good to see?

I know from first-hand experience how to deal with it.

One of the approaches I find most helpful is mindfulness-based cognitive therapy MBCT

MBCT is one of the best tools for controlling anxiety.


It also works for depression.

It was first used in clinical trials in the year 2000. The trick is being in the NOW when you want to control anxiety. We tend to worry about suffering that may never happen and this ruins the NOW.

Seeing that you safe right NOW is very powerful in controlling anxiety. Are you going to have a good meal? Is there a warm bed waiting for you to get into? Are there people in the world that love and care about you?

We need to just be. The past is done and future is yet to come. I have spent so much time trying to controlling anxiety judging myself.

Here are 9 things to look at if you want to control anxiety according to Kabit-Zinns research. His leading person in helping people controlling anxiety.

Controlling anxiety has allot to do with finding thanks. We need to take off the dark shades of fear and see the good. We have sunglasses on the keep us from seeing the light. A great tool for controlling anxiety is to look for the good. If you are in a store in a long line look to see how many smiles you can find on the line. This is a small tool for controlling anxiety.


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We tend to judge ourselves and call ourselves stupid for feeling anxiety. We are not dumb. I teach this stuff and it still takes a grip hold of me at times. We need to see we are separate from our thoughts and moods. We are not what we think.

Letting go is a great method of controlling anxiety. Holding on to fear can make us feel trapped

How to not feel boxed in is a skill we need to learn. We need to stop fighting life. at times life will stress us out. Accepting that truth is a great tool for controlling anxiety. Accept that you will suffer. how bad will the suffering be? are we going to shot by the terror squad next door? I don’t think so. we are safe 99.9% of the time.

panic needs hope
Clouds will come

We need to see the blue sky that is in the cloud. there are always 2 ways of looking at something. Controlling anxiety is about seeing both sides. Joni Mitchel said ” I look at life from both sides now. clouds illusion I recall!” The trick of life is to not expect life to be perfect. Good and bad is going to happen. if we are living in fear of the bad all day we miss the good.


Our thoughts can get twisted. We think we can read peoples minds. We think we know what people think. this is called mind reading. We can not read peoples minds. other times we think we can tell the future. For example, we may say to ourselves I know I will get stuck in traffic and be late. this may be true. if we do not plan well we can get stuck. but if we leave early we can stop that reality from happening. A well-planned intervention helps with controlling anxiety.

Here is a story of a client who has really struggled controlling anxiety…

While I was living in Guelph in a group home learning ways for controlling anxiety I decided that I would like to study computers and get a certificate in Computing and Information Science. I hoped it would provide me with a bridge from the non-working to the working world, and also glean me another university degree.

Things started out slowly because I chose to study only one course that semester. But after a couple of semesters, I was lucky enough to discover that the U of G administration was willing to grant me 20 transfer credits from my previous BSc at U of T, and that I only needed 10 credits at U of G to qualify for a BA!! Soon, I was taking 2 courses per semester, and working part-time. During this period, I drove delivery for KFC, drove a cab for a now-defunct taxi company, and finally was a Teaching Assistant and Head Marker for an introductory computer course, responsible for two markers and also for maintaining the marks database for over 600 students. When panic hit I had to find ways for controlling anxiety. Mental Health Support helped me.

Eventually, I graduated (1996), and moved on to other challenges. By this time, I had been living with a bunch of other students for 2 years and had left the group home.

Studying at university again forced me to practice self-discipline with studies, encouraged me to reach for things that are (temporarily) beyond my grasp, and stress that I have, despite my disabilities, many abilities, and skills. And I have proven to myself that I am capable of surmounting the difficulties along the way.

He is persistent with his life working with Mental Health Support coping strategies and keeps controlling anxiety.

He goes on to say this about controlling anxiety…

There is a bit of a story about how I came to work at Agviro. It seems I was taking a break from a less than productive job search, and choose to have coffee at Second Cup with a friend. My mind was still on the search as I told my friend Chris of my unemployment woes. He just said let’s go see his brother-in-law Steve, who is an engineer. Now I had made a social acquaintance of Steve’s wife, Vivian, but hadn’t known what Steve did for a living. So Chris and I left the shop to go see Steve, but where I headed for the car, Chris turned the other way. Come on, he said, Steve works upstairs. Go figure.

I didn’t have my resume, but Steve seems satisfied with me as was, and I started to work for his company, Aera Corporation. I worked for a few months and soon was splitting my hours between Aera and another company in the same office (Agviro). I guess word of mouth is a good advertisement, and that Steve let my Agviro boss know that I was a good employee.

Anyway, soon Steve decided to do contract work in Toronto and left our cozy office. Ron took me on FT/PT depending on demand (summers were slow, other seasons). I soon learned Excel and AutoCAD passably well and collected and organized data for their research projects in agricultural environmental engineering. I also made sure the office ran smoothly. I like to say that my job was “to do whatever the engineers couldn’t do or didn’t want to do.”

It was a pleasure working with the engineers of these two companies, as I have always (not so secretly) wanted to be an engineer myself, and this job was an alternate way of satisfying my hunger for technological work. I am proud to have performed more than satisfactory work for these companies. It helps me believe in myself and that confidence helps with controlling anxiety.

He never stops and gets on with what he needs to do step by step. Go from each moment in the now really helps with controlling anxiety.

It clears the clouds and gets you out of the symptom box!

He goes on to say how he went into scuba diving all the while controlling anxiety…

When I was in Grade eight at UTS, and swim season was over, morning swim practices were very informal.  There was, in fact, no swimming of lengths and such, and we would play water polo and snorkel, etc.  One morning, Mr. LeGresley, the coach, brought out his SCUBA equipment, and let me buddy- breathe with his son David (who was also on the team) for two lengths.  Well, I was hooked, that’s for sure, and went home to ask my parents (really my Mom first) if they would fund my studies in SCUBA.  My Mom right off said that I would need to earn my way through this.  This was the main reason I started my own lawn business. I knew I had to find ways for controlling anxiety.

One hurdle that I had to face was that at age 14 I was the youngest student the dive shop had ever taught.  I was plenty smart enough and also physically robust.  In fact, we would consider their swim qualifying test of 20 lengths to be a “warm-up” with the swim team.

Deep breathing was a good way for controlling anxiety.

And so, with my older brother as my “diving buddy”, we started to study.  Sessions were led by Submariner’s Dive Shop at Bathurst Collegiate and came in 2 parts – class and pool.  They led us through all the theory and practical knowledge that we would need.  We started the practical stuff with the basics of snorkeling, and I remember one exercise called “Indian snorkeling” where you turn your mask to the back of your head.  The trick is to breathe through the snorkel without taking in water up the nose.  After some coughing and spitting, we all learned the trick.  They told us that with scuba we would use this lesson all the time.

Finally, the big day(s) came – three checkout dives in open water.  They were progressively more challenging, and before these both my brother and I bought our own equipment.  In fact, our tanks were jet black, and I think if we had both drowned we would have been very hard to spot (black wetsuits and tanks, etc).

This fellow is a champion at controlling anxiety. We all can be winners at controlling anxiety. But controlling anxiety is not easy. I have problems controlling anxiety as a therapist. I even get panic attacks. But I have learned that controlling anxiety is possible for all of us!

We can break the chains winning the battle of controlling anxiety!

freedom from panic

Actually, I remember the third dive the best.  The instructor and group met at Lake Simcoe, Big Bay Point, and swam out from the shore.  The instructor gave the thumbs down (descend) sign, and we dove to a mud bottom at 100 feet depth.  My brother and I were last in line and noticed that the fins of those ahead of us kicked up clouds of silt as they swam along.  Well, we just ascended 5 or 6 feet and followed the trail, rather than being enveloped in the dark clouds, and held hands to avoid becoming separated.  We passed that dive okay, and I must say that there have been only 2 other dives in my logbook that were as deep or even as cold.  I was now a certified scuba diver.

Controlling Anxiety Pays and Mental Health Support is happy to help!