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Guelph counselling appointment Ontario is here! Mental Health support.ca has been helping people in our local area for many years now. What we do works because it is based on science. The science of mental health support connects to 3 simple realities.

  1. Knowing what is true in your thinking
  2. Living in the NOW ( Mindfulness based CBT)
  3. Being clear about what you want your life to be


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If life has been full of painful emotion, of course, this is not what you want. The NOW can really help. Most of the time the NOW is safe. The future is where anxiety lives. The past can lead to regrets and depression. Guelph counselling appointment Ontario makes mental health support accessible. We will leave no one waiting. You will have someone return your call within one business day and be given an appointment in 2 business days. People need accessible support NOW!

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Tim is the founder of Mental Health Support.ca. He and his family have struggled with mental health issues for many years. Tim suffers from PTSD, his wife from childhood trauma and his daughter has a brain injury from a car accident. Support from someone who has been there is invaluable! Families need to know how to deal with the complexity of mental health concerns. It is not easy to sort things through on your own. Our kids can treat us really bad and blame us for the issue. In reality what they need is your love and good support.

We need to find support for our pain. Life is hard. Why go through it alone. You found this page because you are smart and are looking for support. The support is here and we are happy to help.