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Our office is located in Guelph. If you live in Guelph or the surrounding areas of Kitchener-Waterloo and Cambridge, we offer in-home or office consultations for Guelph counselling. We never leave people waiting. Our promise is to call you within one business day and give an appointment that week!

We offer affordable flexible rates based on your income and what you can afford. 
Our fees can range from $60.00 – $200.00 a session.
If your income is under $15,000 please contact us to discuss alternate affordable options.

A person seeking counselling in the Guelph area will find services range between $80-$250 dollars per session for 50 minutes in length. 

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If you are not looking for Guelph counselling and live outside of this area, or if you’d prefer a telephone consultation, I offer phone support across North America. For more information or to arrange an in-office or in-home visit or phone support. Support is here! No need to find a psychiatrist in Guelph as we will work with your family doctor.

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You can get the help you need from the comfort of your home. Contact us to learn more about how I can help you via Skype chat.

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We have been doing  Guelph counselling for many years now. The approach used has been very effective. It connects to Tim’s book Picture Your life.

Here is a small section of the book talking about dealing with life when it seems to be going in circles…

“What goes around comes around, so the saying goes. Finding purpose and direction in life can be like following a winding path that loops back on itself life is never linear. We need to realize that life’s patterns, both good and bad, repeat themselves. We need to see the good and work on or accept the bad. Yin and Yang9 balance each other. The “light” in our lives is visible because it contrasts with the unavoidable “darkness” of life. The circles and loops are not good or bad, just something that everyone experiences. It is up to us whether we decide to accept them or to do something to change them. If we deny we need to work on the bad the chance of it looping around and occurring again are high.”

One approach we use is positive approaches for Guelph counselling the approach is researched to be just as effective as finding a psychiatrist which is almost impossible!

Positive approaches are accepted worldwide. It has even been endorsed by President Obama. He lobbied
for Positive approach experts to work with the United States military to address the high rates of post- traumatic stress disorder and suicide rates among Army soldiers. The program, used throughout the army to promote  resilience teaches 40,000 United States Army drill sergeants how to deal with the crisis of suicide that has overtaken the troops. Our approach to doing Guelph counselling connects to scientific methods that have been proven to work. Even better than finding a psychiatrist in Guelph.

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The practice of clear thinking, having purpose and meaning in our lives, and learning to focus on something beyond ourselves can help anyone. When we combine these with an acceptance of life’s inescapable darkness and learning to focus on our dreams and the light in our lives, we are better able to develop a Content Mind and Soul. clear thinking happens through a process called cognitive therapy (CBT). CBT started in 1979. a person named Arron Beck was the founding thinker that brought this effective treatment to us. This has really helped us with our Guelph counselling

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CBT teaches us to find the truth in our thinking. It is said the truth will set you free. Take a look at some of our Guelph counselling blogs on CBT. Click Here

Many people have been able to reclaim their lives because of CBT. The idea of making sure your thinking is true dates back to the Greeks. 2000 years ago Epidicus said, “People are not disturbed by things but by the view, they take of them.” Emerson also said, “Always do what you are afraid to do,”. We have to face our fear and our approach to Guelph counselling helps you do that.

Mindfulness-based CBT is another way to use the treatment. Mindfulness goes back thousands of years and connects to Buddhist and Hindu thinking. It is about the now. Think about it 99% of the time the now is safe and good. Worry about the past haunt us. Then anxiety about the future takes over. We have found this very effective in our Guelph counselling.

Our method of counseling helps you to see the peace in the now. The past may need to be explored and future planned for.  This needs to be done in a controlled time frame. Not at 3am!

What can CBT add to our thinking? One thing is it is very structured. It helps us sort out what is happening in the wheels of our mind! Sometimes our mind can spin like some kind of gerbil in a cage. We have over 40000 thoughts in a day. Some people say it is it is up to 70000. Now that can drive you crazy! Some research says that 80 % of our thinking is negative. That is very pessimistic! What if there is some truth to it?  If we are depressed of course our thinking is going to be negative. So maybe 80 % is not too far out. The question is what are doing about it. This is why we started doing Guelph counselling in the first place.

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Have you ever tried not to think about something? Try not to think about a white rabbit for the next 30 seconds. This is all your going to think about. The same is true with negative persistent thoughts. It gets even worse when you have been hurt or abused by someone. The thoughts that are negative skip like a scratched vinyl record! the good news is we can retrain our brain to stop the skipping. We can reprogram our thinking. Our method of Guelph counselling helps with that. We need to learn to question our thoughts. When we have one thought per second they can not all be 100 % correct! We need to focus on the ones that twist our mind into the emotion that is hard to bare.

Our thoughts can go round and round and this why we need to have a plan with clear thinking.

Let’s get feeling better now Guelph!

Life planning is another method we connect to positive psychology and CBT. According to a study done in Idaho, and Minnesota we need a positive life plan to help us to recover from a mental health concern. That plan needs to be connected to what we value and what we see that is good in us. Our Guelph counselling approach does this. We do a survey on every person that helps them to reconnect with what is great about them. It is called the values in action survey.

The values in the above image are what drives our passion. We need to fashion a plan in our lives around our values. The Guelph counselling method outlined helps our clients find that passion. We want to be sure our approach is person-centered. We do not want to force any type of ideas on anyone. A life plan needs to be your life plan connected to what you value and care about.

Clouds will come in life

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This is spoken of as seen in another part of Tims book Picture Your Life…

“Just as the sun can’t shine every day, we will feel down or we will feel angry. But extended darkness is a sign that treatment may be in order. It’s the actions we take when we are experiencing those emotional low points that will shape our future life. Just remember, evil is an action, not a feeling. If we are hurting others,
we need to stop. Being stupid means taking foolish actions. So if we do foolish things, then we are being stupid. If we are taking evil actions we are being hurtful. But just feeling low or down, or having low self-esteem, or feeling that our life is going nowhere does not make it so. We may experience those emotions at the low end of the scale much of our lives. It is what we do with those low points that matters and maybe we need to accept the reality of what has just happened. Acceptance alone can part the clouds to show just a ray of sun.”

As you do life planning things start coming together. This build confidence. Life begins to be more hopeful. Then it is easier to deal with the negative in our minds. CBT is harder when hope seems far off. We help people with addictions, anxiety, depression and many other concerns life throws in our way. Accepting that sh–t happens is a big part of getting on with life. As we see that we are good deep down it helps us get on with life. This is what Guelph counselling is all about!

Balance is so important!

We need to live balanced lives. Counselling can take a long time to find if you are on a wait list. Finding a psychiatrist in Guelph is almost impossible. We will help you work with your family doctor to help you with your mental health concern.



Mental Health Support.ca has a way of approaching Guelph counselling that will help you heal. Please come for a session we would love to support you!

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