Cbt Anxiety

Cbt Anxiety Ideas Work!

Wow of NOW Cbt Anxiety worksheet with instructions! The mind can trap you this will get you out!

Cbt Anxiety

Breathe in for count of 4, breathe out with pursed lips to the count of 12… 3 times. Now ask yourself….

Are you going to starve today?

Are your children going to be murdered or are Somali rebels going to attack?

The threat is not now

The worst that will ever happen to me today is…

Are you going to have a warm meal? Are headed to a warm bed tonight? Do you have heat in your house? Are there one or two nice people in your life? Look to what is good in the NOW WOW!

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Deep rooted believes beliefs…stuck in the muck thinking Cbt Anxiety worksheet : Here is an example:

Some thoughts come from deep roots and are stuck in the muck of our minds. They can come from our forefathers. For example money doesn’t grow on trees or other such things we have heard repeated over and over and we believe them. Stuck thinking can be rooted from past or current abuse and addictions as well. If you do the Thought Trial exercise enough times you will see patterns of stuck thinking. This is one clue. Another is friends, coworkers and family. They may see negative patterns in your thinking.

How you find your deep rooted thoughts exercise example:

Write down the persistent situation that has been bothering you.

For example…

– Talking to my supervisor during an evaluation.

Next write down the persistent thought that has been bothering you.

For example…

– People are out to get me

Then write down what that thought says about you, others, or the world. You may need to separate and do this for each thought about you, others, and the world.

For example…

– People and companies are mean

Next write down what the above thought says about you, others, or the world. Keep doing this process until you feel you have reached its root…you may need support for this.

For example…

– I don’t deserve to be treated well

Now we need to deal with this deep rooted thought. This is tough stuff to wrestle with. Stuck in the muck thinking will not change overnight. You may always believe it is true a bit. Yet doing this exercise will lessen its impact.

Write down the thought:

– I don’t deserve to be treated well

Next write down evidence that does not support this thought. Put it on trial like your life depends on it because changing this type of thinking will change your life.

– My kids love me and hug me all the time

– My husband tells me I am wonderful

– My co-workers are nice to me

– My friends are nice to me

– My parents love me

Now write down the thought that is truer from your Thought Trial. Often it is the reverse of the stuck thought.

– I am lovable and am treated well

Next write down evidence that does support this thought

– My boss said one nice thing. First time in weeks!

– I had a great time at break

– My husband and the kids made supper and heart cookies

– The bank teller was really nice to me

– My kid’s teacher told me she thought my homework support was great

As stated these thoughts are hard to change. At times it is like having a big hole inside yourself. You need to fill that hole by convincing yourself that the above thought is true. Do not believe the father of lies. Why not be true and think what is true.  Cbt Anxiety worksheets do help.

Ideas to fill the hole and believe what is true:

– Put the evidence and the new thought on flash cards and carry them with you

– Put the new thought on your computer screen or do a password that reminds you of it.

Get creative with filling the hole as each effort you make is a stone that will fill it one day!

Use this Cbt Anxiety worksheet often. Live the truth!

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