Does Depression And Anxiety Cause Memory Loss ?

Does Depression And Anxiety Cause Memory Loss?

Does depression and anxiety cause memory loss?

Let’s start with the good news. Memory loss does occur but it does not last. We all forget things. We forget our keys or even a person’s name. depression when it is acute it can be hard to remember things. you feel like you are in a fog. Some medications can have a side effect that may cause memory loss.

So when you ask the question,  does depression and anxiety cause memory loss, the answer is yes but it can get better. When depression is at its worse it can be hard to do anything.   This is why it is important to get mental health support and I am here for you. please call 519-993-4609. I can see you within a week and there is no waitlist.

People with depression can have issues with fine details. Your head is so cloudy remembering small things like what to get in a store seems impossible. It is so frustrating! We give in-office support in Guelph and phone support with people all over the world. Our sessions are very affordable if you do not have insurance. We also see people with insurance coverage.


One thing that is really crazy about depression is that all we can remember is bad memories! They parade through the mind like a loud marching band that is out of tune. People who are not depressed usually have a better memory for positive events than neutral or negative events, says Daniel Dillon, assistant professor of psychiatry at Harvard University. Meanwhile, depressed people have a stronger recall of bad memories. “In depressed folks, people think negative memory improves, but really, the positive bias has decreased,” Dillon says. “It’s obvious to people, and more obvious in the clinical interview — you have this dominant-negative recall.”

Hope is there and that fact is you need someone who cares and I am here. Please call 519-993-4609 now. why wait.

Depression is not your fault!

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Does depression and anxiety cause memory loss, yes it does but help is here!

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