Ketamines for depression are very costly

Ketamines for depression is a very costly treatment. It is not covered under OHIP. I have been supporting people with depression for many years and have found long term support is the most effective way to deal with depression Treatment needs to be affordable. This is why mental health support services flex the fee so people suffering from depression can get the support they need for the long haul.

Life is hard and there are no quick fixes. Many people take medication for depression and see a therapist. Medications work but sometimes you need guidance when consulting your family doctor. As a nurse and a trained therapist, I can help with medication management and help you with counseling.

Ketamines for depression can give people really strong side effects. The only good thing according to Dr. David Gratzer, a psychiatrist at CAMH is that Ketamines for depression can work faster than other treatments. That being said sometimes an anti-depressant can work in a few days. Most of the time it takes about 3 weeks to see some effect.

Therapy takes time as well. You need to trust the person who is supporting you and that alone takes time. I make sure the people I support are getting what they need out of a session. Sometimes a listening ear can be very helpful. People may just need to have a good cry and really feel they have been heard.

Depression is no one’s fault. It is a medical condition. If you are tired, feeling hopeless, worthless and unmotivated these are symptoms of a disease. When you get a cold you do not blame yourself for having a runny nose. In the same way, you cannot blame yourself for feeling hopeless, worthless and unmotivated.

We need to be careful of the pull up your boots thinking process. This is a prejudice I call mental healthism. The pull up your boots approach is flawed as you can not help having symptoms just like you cannot help having a cold.

Ketamines for depression may work but they are costly and not the answer in the long run. We need to realize we are running a marathon in life, not a sprint. Persistence with support is the answer and we are here for you.

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