Toronto Coronavirus Anxiety Support

Toronto coronavirus is real and really scary. There are ways to deal with fear and anxiety. Toronto coronavirus anxiety can be settled down.

Watch this clip and see how to calm the mind with humor and how to make your own anti-C-virus spray …



Toronto Coronavirus Anxiety Support

We all need support.  I will give one free session to anyone suffering from Corona anxiety. My own daughter is in quarantine because of the Toronto coronavirus! She has missed out on a great job interview because of it.

toronto coronavirus
Use Your Mind Unwind

3 Simple Steps To Deal With Coronavirus Anxiety

  1. I have been meditating for 40 years! Learning how to center is one way to deal with the Toronto coronavirus,
  2. Find the fun in your life.
  3. Look to what lasts: God, the higher self, source power… whatever you call it. Seek it. 

Now is the time to look at what we really value. Our family, our friends this is what is important. Yet even this is not lasting. Who knows what will happen. Did we ever think Toronto coronavirus would happen?

Here is a section from my book Picture Your Life it shows you another way to deal with anxiety.

When life hands us a bad day, a terrible month or dreadful year, there is a way we can make sure we have an Ace up our sleeve.

A is for acceptance.
C is for coping.
E is for empowerment.
We will grieve many losses in this game called life. If we can learn when to play that Ace, we will be able to handle that bad hand we’ve been dealt more easily.


Accepting what we have been given is the start of peace. This does not mean being a doormat. We cannot change the fact that people we love are going to get sick and die. We are all going to turn into dust after all. Expectations are what will make us miserable. This does not mean we do not plan. Hopes and dreams keep us going. Life will give us surprises and we may not get the things or relationships that we thought we should have. Brooding

is not helpful. Accepting and using coping strategies will help us make things better and will empower us to help others who have suffered a similar fate.


Coping is a plan of action. If we have been depressed or anxious for more than a few weeks we need to see a doctor. Finding support is critical in any venture. AA groups, prayer meetings, a good friend or family member is invaluable in helping us cope. No man is an island. We need each other. We need a community,
a group that can help us in a time
of need. Our community helps the healing process. It helps us to come into unity together to find that source of healing.


Research shows that giving back after we have suffered is effective in helping us heal even further. Telling a friend or a co-worker our story can build them up and us up. The Ace process does come and go. At times we still may feel very angry and in despair. It is during those times we can see the roller coaster we are on and know that it will stop and we can get off. Having a caring community empowers us.

Check out my book or see me online or in-person in Guelph or let’s talk on the phone 519-993-4609
I am here please connect anytime!


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