Does CBD Help Anxiety? The Answer is Yes & No

The question is being asked, does CBD help anxiety? The answer is more than yes in the short term. Better yet, the combine CBD with cbt cognitive behavioral therapy that works in the long run.

Does CBD Help Anxiety?

So, if you’re asking does CBD help anxiety, it may not be a simple answer. Anxiety is tricky and raises its head in so many different ways. To ask the question, does CBD help anxiety needs to look at from a perspective that it is not the answer in the long run. CBD masks anxiety.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy helps us deal with our thinking. What drives our anxiety is our thinking process. We have 40000 thoughts a day! What are we doing with all that is in our minds? This is a better question than does CBD help anxiety. Much of what we think is not valid.

For example, if we think we are worthless and are depressed, is this true? Are we worthless? The answer to this is a resounding NO! We are filled with worth. Feeling worthless is a symptom of depression. It is a feeling, not a fact.

So, combining CBD with cbt is a practical approach.

A 2001 study proved that CBD helps anxiety and panic attacks.

So here are a few tips if you want to use it for anxiety.

  1. Carry it with you at all times
  2. Do deep puffs. It is much like deep breathing
  3. Choose an oil that has ACDC, Canatonic, and Cana-tsu
  4. Then test your thinking with cbt

Come and see us, and we will teach you cbt. We need to know how to deal with our thoughts. This is an answer to anxiety in the long term.

So, does CBD help anxiety? In the short term, it does. But the long-term answer is learning how to deal with your thinking, this something that needs to be discovered.

We would be happy to help you!