Cbt Therapy

Cbt Therapy how it Works

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Cbt Therapy

Cbt therapy Thought Trial Exercise: Here is an example

In putting a thought on trial we need to know that there is a difference between a thought a feeling and a situation. Often they blend together and this is where there is confusion. We want to believe truth not ½ truths. The devil is called the father of lies!

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Write down what the situation was that you were in when you became upset, angry, depressed of whatever negative emotion you were feeling. In writing down the situation ask yourself… who was there, where was I, what was happening, when did it happen.

– My sister wants us at her place for Christmas

Now write down the emotions or feelings you felt. Feelings are one word. If you are having a hard time knowing what you are feeling do a Google search for images for feeling charts. You can have many feelings at once write down each of them. Then record the % 0-100% how much you felt them then and after this exercise.

Feeling: Angry100%

Feeling: Sad 80%

Feeling: Hurt 90%

Next write down what was automatically going through your mind when you first started to feel this way. Make sure they are short statements about your thinking and that each one is a separate statement. You may have thought 2- 10 different statements. Then circle the one you want to put on trial to see if it is fully true.

– My sister always gets her way. (This is the one that bothers me most)

– We had Christmas at her place 3 years in a row and she is selfish

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Now write down what evidence you could present to a judge to show that that thought was true. Circumstantial evidence does not hold weight in court. It has to be facts not what you think somebody is thinking. See the next exercise to help you judge your thought.

– My sister has been getting her way with her husband. She has him wrapped around her little finger

– She has a great job

– She has had her way 3 years in a row

Next bring in the evidence that does not support the thought. Think like you are a lawyer. If you find the thought is really true you have 2 choices. Do an action plan to do something about it or accept the reality of what is. If the thought is ½ true look at the ½ truth and do something about the rest.

– I had Christmas for 10 years at my place when Mom lived with us

– She had a baby 3 years ago and it is easier for her to have Christmas in her home

– Her husband really wants his parents at their place and they do not know me

Now see if you can find a thought that is truer than the first. Ask a friend to help you or a family member if you are stuck. Then rate the % of how you feel about that thought. For example, if you do not feel better, if you are still anxious or depressed you may have generalized anxiety or depression. This means you are down or anxious and the situation is not to blame. If so you need to see a doctor or get professional help to sort things out.

The balanced thought is …

– I am jealous of my sister having a great job and I don’t. I am projecting this onto our Christmas plans and need to let go of having her at my place this year.

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