Help with Depression

Help With Depression is Here!

The first thing to help with depression is know what it is clearly. Meds can help but it does not have to be the first step. I help people with supplements and therapy and then suggest meds.

Help with Depression

What is Depression?

Depression is a feeling of being  blue and hopeless also having a loss of interest in activities. It can last for short periods of time  or it can last longer, for months or even years.

Approximately 20% of all people will be depressed this is why people need help with depression at some point in their lives. It can be triggered due to biological reasons (a chemical imbalance), or a reaction or personal interpretation to a significant event(s) in a person’s life.

Depression has the following symptoms:
(need to have 4 of these)

  • Sluggishness or agitation
  • Loss of interest or lack of energy
  • Withdrawal
  • Sadness or feeling empty
  • Feeling worthless
  • Anxiety
  • Concentration difficulties
  • Self-criticism, self-depreciation
  • Neglect or concern over physical appearance
  • Increase in restlessness
  • Thoughts  of death or suicide

What other things can depression lead to?

  • Disrupted in family life
  • Drug and alcohol abuse
  • Issues affecting the ability to work

Communication is key to help with depression

The growing unwillingness to talk about problems is an issue. Along with other coping methods, such as exercise. talking about the difficulties that are causing your stress is an important way of reducing the stress that prevents you from making decisions.

People with depression are often very reluctant to share their problems. Seeing a support person can be very helpful. It needs to go beyond a medication fix. My book picture your life helps people find inner contentment. Finding true peace within is the key to lasting healing! WE need to find peace that is beyond understanding and this comes from something that is beyond our very self

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