How To Stop Anxiety Attacks

How To Stop Anxiety Attacks

I wished how to stop anxiety attacks was an easy answer but it is not. As a person who suffers from them and as a profession who treats them I do know that it is possible to stop them.

How To Stop Anxiety Attacks

There’s no sure way to prevent panic attacks or panic disorder. However, these recommendations may help. You can learn how to stop anxiety attacks!

  • Pills are not the answer. How you deal with the thoughts you have is key. Is your life like living in a zoo. Are you addicted to the zoo? Do you invite chose into your life? Even thing like letting your kids join a rep sports team is very stressful. Taxi drivers are very stressed and feel like they are driving in a zoo. Are you a taxi parent? Do your kids know what a bus is? It may be empowering for them to learn the bus!

While panic attacks and panic disorder benefit from professional treatment, you can also help manage symptoms on your own. Some lifestyle and self-care steps you can take include:

  • Sleep well
  • Meds may help but they are not a solution
  • NO drinking
  • Make fun goals
  • See friends that build you up
  • Do a journal of thanks everyday for six months
  • Plan how to deal with the next panic event
  • Monitor how the plan went
  • Go to a support group
  • Cuddle someone you love!


How to stop anxiety attacks is no easy fix

It can be done with support and I would be happy to help!

I have been there and help you with a effective plan to STOP PANIC! I have been dealing with anxiety for years and have helped many many people never have another panic attack. They can be beat and you can deal with this.

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