Marriage Counselling

Marriage Counselling With Vision!

Marriage Counselling and couples therapy needs to get beyond simply on how to fight better. Conflicts do need to be resolved and couples need to learn how to communicate with dignity and grace. We all deserve to be treated well.

I do offer affordable sessions that I do over the phone, on Skype, or in person.

Marriage Counselling

We also need to get beyond conflict and learn how to love and appreciate each other better. There is a researched way to do this effectively called learning how to make active constructive comments.

How do you respond when people share good news with you? The way in which you respond when others share triumph with you directly builds or undermines your relationships.

You can learn how to build relationships by focusing on good news through a technique called active and constructive responding. Important Note:
When giving an active and constructive response you do not need to overdo the praise and positive feedback.

Instead you can concentrate on asking questions which encourage the person to talk about their good event and thereby savour their positive emotions.

In my book Picture Your Life we talk about how to also build a relation ship vision. We need to realize that the family photo we all have has two sides. Marriage counselling needs to help the couple to see and accept both sides of the picture. The one side is the one we show to the world the other side is not so good looking. There is a wire to hang it on, ugly brown paper and a hook that was pounded into the wall.

We all suffer at times in our relationships. At times it is ugly. What we need is a vision to try to attain. What fun do you want to do together? How do want to be intimate? How do you want to treat each other when stress shows it ugly head?

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