Mental Health Disorder

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Mental Health Disorder

Wanting to know about your Mental Health Disorder is the first step to understanding that having a mental health concern is not your fault. Symptoms of an illness do not make a person who they are. Yet the depression symptoms of feeling worthless make many of think they are worthless. This is why cognitive therapy is so critical. Just because we feel worthless and think we are does not make it a fact. We need to know what is true and what is not as we learn about our mental health issues.

Recovery from a Mental Health Disorder is possible

In my book and in private phone sessions I discuss the process of recovery

Recovery is a process that unfolds most of the time in the following way

It starts with denial

Denial: You may think this place will never change or you will never change. Change won’t happen on its own.  We need to embrace the pain we face making it a motivator to change. You may think… This or that person is driving me crazy nothing will help. You can not change them you can only control what you are thinking about them. This gives you true control!

As we see we need to face things despair can set in

Despair: Why bother is a saying of those in despair. They are helpless and hopeless. It seems change is impossible. During these times we need to remind ourselves that this is a process that will not last forever and it is a time to look for action when the seed for action is ready to sprout!

The more we stay in denial and despair the more frustrated we become

This leads to anger, the pivotal point to action or a return to despair…

Anger: What we need to do is turn this anger into  frustration and then into determination. This is the fertilizer put on that small seed of change and leads to action! It is the light put on that seed of change to makes it grow.

 If we turn our anger in to determination we find we have a lucky card in our hand, the best card in the deck, an ACE… we can Accept our rational reality… Cope with that reality with a rational SMART plan of ACTION… Empowering ourselves to face the shadow. This turns it around so it even feels that it may have disappeared. This empowers  us to more action and healing!!! We all need an ACE in our hand!

Acceptance: Facing the issue is the first key to dealing with a Mental Health Disorder. Most of our stress is fear of loss that may never occur or a lack of acceptance of what we have to experience in our daily lives. It is facing the “why do I have to put up with” and turning it into “how can I cope with these issues with a plan?” Even the worst events can be faced with a plan. The plan may even be as simple as “This is what I accept is going to be in my life in the foreseeable future so how am I going to deal with it everyday?”

Coping: This is what my mental health therapy is all about, planning for how to cope… Learning to develop a plan as a working team to learn how to heal. Putting in key components to that plan like cognitive therapy and building  strengths is critical to the plan’s effectiveness.

Empowerment: Feeling the satisfaction of a plan that has worked leads to empowerment. We see the light of reason clearly and want to share it with others. Empowerment leads to communal change of the environment around us as well. Not in the change of others necessarily but in how others respond to us.

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