Mental Illness Treatment

Mental Illness Treatment

Effective mental illness treatment needs to be SMART. Being SMART will lead to healing because you are focused.

mental illness treatment

Effective Mental Illness Treatment Needs to be SMART

It is wonderful that you are looking into mental illness treatment. Being SMART will lead to healing because you are focused.

It was once said that wisdom is action not study. We need to take action about the shadows of stress, anxiety and depression in our lives. I am here if you need support.

That action needs to be SMARTSpecific, Measured Attainable, Realistic and Timed. Time is of the essence. What we do about stress and the shadows in our lives needs to be well thought out, researched to be effective, and realistic that we will take the action. You can read 2,000,000 web sites on stress but what is promised here is SMART ACTION against stress. I am psychiatric rehabilitation practitioner with over 20 years experience in the mental health field.

We need to find proper support to move on with our lives. An Aztec saying goes as follows “the strongest warrior is the one who conquers himself.”

As we look at our broken pieces and the broken pieces of those around us, we can begin to see the picture in full.  As it comes into focus we see the beauty of who we really are and the judgments we have about others will be less stress/anxiety provoking.

The key to mental illness treatment is to look to what is good about us as well as explore what needs to be changed. We need to celebrate the good and work on what is lacking.

My book picture your life  is a handbook showing you how to unlock this valuable combination that leads to successful mental health therapy. I also do individual phone sessions that are very affordable. The fee is $40! My goal is to provide with you mental health therapy that works and that you can afford to do until you discover magnificent mental health!

Susan from Guelph says… “Tim’s approach is uplifting and thought provoking. He is helping me in my work to cope with depression and negative thinking with cognitive therapy. I have been able to stay at work and deal with my depression and advocate for accommodations with my employer because of his support.  He has listened to my needs and understands what I am going through. I am very comfortable working with him.”

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