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Glad you have found your way to my web site you are searching the term Therapist Guelph.  I have been working as a therapist in Guelph for over 25 years.

Therapist Guelph

The approach I use connects to a book I wrote called Picture Your Life. It is about contentment. You are probably having some issues with anxiety, depression or other feelings that are hard to deal with. Life can seem like it is going in circles at times!

We all want to deal with the feelings we have and this is a short term solution. If we really think about it what we want is peace of mind. Peace of mind comes from something much deeper. When I support someone we look at the whole picture of what they want their life to be. This leads to lasting change.

More than 25 years ago, I led one of the first cognitive therapy groups in Guelph. Since that time, I have spent 20 years working with a cutting-edge program that focused on helping people with severe mental health concerns to think clearly and find their dreams. I credit the effectiveness of this approach to my discovery of the field of positive psychology, founded by Martin Seligman. The practice of Positive Psychology offers a recipe for contentment that I teach to my clients.

Positive Psychology is the scientific study of the strengths and virtues that enable individuals and communities to thrive. The field of positive psychology is founded on the belief that each of us wants to live a meaningful and fulfilling life. This connected to cognitive therapy and a clear life plan is the mix that leads to a life that is going somewhere. If Therapist Guelph  is what you are looking for I am here!

My training and years of experience have taught me many things, but it is the mental health issues in my family that have taught me the most. When we are directly affected by the challenges relating to mental health, we learn the true meaning of support.


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