Unhappy Marriage? Lets Fix It!

What does it take to fix an unhappy marriage? Let’s first see where the problem is. Sure maybe you’re not getting along with the person you married. We need to go deeper than just getting along. How do we find the spark? Can we discover some sense of mystery? See the Rocking Your Relationship Quiz below before we talk about this further.

Unhappy Marriage

Not Very Much     1    2    3    4    5    6    7     Very Much

  1. Are you experiencing new things with your partner or friend?
  2. When you are with your partner or friend, do you feel you have more meaning in your life or sense of purpose?
  3. How much does your partner or friend encourage or help you to accomplish new things?
  4. How much does your partner or friend help to expand the sense of who you really are as a person?
  5. How much do you see your partner or friend help you to expand your own capabilities?
  6. How much do your partner’s or friends strengths compensate for some of your own weaknesses?
  7. How much do you feel that you have a larger view of the world around you because of your partner or friend?
  8. How much has being with your partner or friend help you to be able to learning new things?
  9. How much has knowing your partner or friend make you a better person?
  10. How much does your partner or friend increase your knowledge?


60 and above — Your relationship really rocks! You are having new experiences and new goals. You maybe happier as a result of this relationship.

45 to 60 — The relationship could improve and then really rock! Try doing some new things together. Watch movies you can discuss for example. Take a course that is fun together.

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Below 45 — You need more solid ground and connection. Your relationship is not giving you opportunities and making you feel better about yourself. Support and focus on expanding who you are as individuals and as a couple is needed.

An unhappy marriage can be fixed. It takes effort and commitment to learn new things both as individuals and as a couple. Learning how to communicate with respect and grace works. We also need to build each other up. This is called active constructive responding. Knowing your inner beauty is also key.

This is done by using my book Picture Your Life!

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