Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Anxiety and Panic Attacks Answers

How to deal with anxiety and panic attacks is not easy. Our mind has 70,000 thoughts a day no wonder some them get out of control. As a person who suffers from anxiety I know what works to take it away!

Anxiety and Panic Attacks

How to deal with anxiety and panic attacks? Look to the NOW

Wow of NOW  anxiety and panic attacks worksheet with instructions!

Breathe in for count of 4, breathe out with pursed lips to the count of 12… 3 times. Now ask yourself….

Are you going to starve today?

Are your children going to be murdered or are Somali rebels going to attack?

The threat is not now

The worst that will ever happen to me today is…

Are you going to have a warm meal? Are headed to a warm bed tonight? Do you have heat in your house? Are there one or two nice people in your life? Look to what is good in the NOW WOW!

Knowing what causes anxiety attacks? Helps with how to deal with panic attacks

There are some theories that blame chemicals in the brain, or structures in the brain, and genetics. It is still not yet known what the exact cause is.

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What triggers anxiety and panic attacks?

This is frustrating for the person afflicted because there really may not be any exact triggers. They can happen out of the blue, for no apparent reason at all.

What are anxiety attacks –  What is a Panic Disorder?

A person has panic disorder when he has recurring episodes of panic attacks THIS IS NOT THE PERSONS FAULT. These are intense attacks where the person feels extremely uncomfortable and has a lot of different bodily sensations accompanying it. This person will fear having more attacks but the fear is not the reality.


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