Anxiety Disorder Treatment

Anxiety Disorder Treatment Works!

Anxiety disorder treatment needs to go beyond deep breathing. But deep breathing does help. Medication should not be the first step. As a therapist who suffers from anxiety I know the complexity of the problem.

Anxiety Disorder Treatment


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One of the best methods for anxiety disorder treatment is CBT. Cognitive therapy is the best method for anxiety as it helps us confront the lies in our mind.

We also need to celebrate the good in us this helps relive our worries here is an example from my book Picture Your Life….

I’d like to share a practical example from my own practice about discovering meaning through the use of
Positive Psychology.
I worked with a piano teacher who hated both advertising and performing as a means to promote her
business. After she completed the Signature Strengths Survey designed by positive psychology researchers, we
discovered why. Her top strength was humility!

She was not one for the limelight. Instead of performing alone at her end of year piano recital, she’d invite an autistic student to perform African drumming along with her.

And it is precisely this thoughtfulness around the needs and desires of her students that makes her such a great
teacher and a wonderful person. Before she recognized her humility as an asset, she was critical of herself
because she found it difficult to promote her business through performance and advertising. But now she feels
great about her strengths and abilities and her business is thriving.

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One thing I know as a person who suffers from anxiety IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT. Some of have brains that are more anxious than others. Genetics plays a key role here. If you do not go for help that is your fault not the anxiety. We think we are weak or unmotivated it is not a weakness it is a medical condition that needs anxiety disorder treatment. This is why you came here so lets get to work I would be happy to help!


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