Beat Depression

Depression is becoming all to common in today’s world. The news brings us down CNN the crisis network! Beating depression can be done but we need to work on it from a multi facilitated approach.


Down moods can come from many things sometimes it is in our thinking CBT helps this. Other times it maybe a chemical response in our brain. Medication can help but it should not be the first action.

Drug Free Ways to Beat Being Low

The latest research says we need to look at what the positive psychology moment is doing.

This is my specialty and I am here to help.

How to Overcome Low Moods

  • Be in the now:Relish, cherish, marvel, bask in and feast on life’s good stuff to maximize your enjoyment of a positive experience and generate positive emotions.
  • Practice thanks: The attitude of gratitude helps you to grow your awareness of the good things in life and overcome the brain’s negativity bias, which spots what’s wrong before it notices what’s right.
  • Cultivate¬†positivism: Do fun, enjoyable activities to act as a memory jogger when you’re low. Positive emotions build your resilience and undo the effects of negativity.
  • Learn optimism: Pessimism puts you on the fast track to depression.
  • Nurture your relationships: Depression can lead to you withdrawing from social contact but relationships are vital for your happiness, so priorities time in the company of your loved ones.
  • Learn to be mindful: Mindfulness meditation develops the brain’s capacity for positive emotions and helps you to detach from negativity.
  • Discover your strengths: Depression saps energy, undermines your functioning and may highlight a lack of meaning in life. Your strengths act as energy to support your recovery and provide a clue to a positive direction to take.

 Depression can be beat Fight it!

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