Relationship Advice

Relationship Advice is Here

Relationship advice needs to focus on how the couple wants to be together. What kind of fun do you have. Is respect valued. Knowing what each person values is key.

Relationship Advice

Value based relationships work. There is clarity. A clear view of who each of you are helps how you find that view is in my book Picture Your Life

Some times conflict can help us.

All relationships are affected by opposites. If we do anything more and more, over and over, its opposite will appear. For example, striving to be beautiful can make a person ugly and unattractive because of conceit, and trying too hard to be kind is a form of selfishness. Any over-determined behaviour will produce its opposite. We need to appreciate the differences in one another.

The pyramids were built by 2  stones rubbing together this is how they fit each block. A relationship is like building a work of art something really wonderful a world wonder! Conflict of rubbing one another the wrong way can bring things together.

Our conflict can make us better. But we do need to get beyond conflict and into a place of love and gratitude.

When was the last time you told your partner they looked good. Or you thought they were awesome with the kids.

We need to value one  each other. Seeing the spark in the one you love creates a burst of lightness. Find the spark value the spark love the spark. This lights the dark time we all have as a couple. Live needs to be lived we need to have fun. When was the last time you had a belly laugh with your partner.

Watch funny you tube videos if you have to. Find the jot. Live the the light. This is where the delight of life is. It is in each of you but you need to live it discover it together each and every day!


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