Life Plan

A Life Plan Needs Focus

We need to focus clearly to develop a life plan. In my book Picture Your Life this is outlined in detail but let’s look at it briefly here. We need to open our mind to possibility!

Life Plan

Maryland Kowalski says… “Tim’s FRAMES work planning has helped me to plan my life. I now have my own graphic design business. He also helped me connect to free community supports and my depression is much better so I can work in my own business.”

A life plan needs to cover a variety of aspects that I call FRAMES work planning

Here is an example on how to it. FRAMES is a acronym for Fun, Relationships, Appearance and health, Mess or procrastination issues, Economics, & Service to something greater than yourself or giving back in some way.

Think about it…the Picture Of Your Life will be beautifully focused if you are having fun, have good caring relationships and someone to love for life, you are healthy, you have a action plan to get on with life, you have adequate finances and then you are giving back in some way.

 I also offer affordable sessions via Skype, on the phone or in person if you would like help with your life plan. See below for my contact information.

Think about how you want the picture your life to be in the following areas.

Fun… What kind of fun would you like to be having?

This week … Go to a movie

This year … Take a trip to Italy

In 5 years … See 3 wonders of the world

Relationships… How would you picture your relationships?

This week … Have lunch with a good friend I lost touch with

This year … Make a new friend in my volunteer group

In 5 years … Maintain current friendships and make 2 new friends

Appearance/health… How would you picture your appearance/health?

This week … Get a manicure and to buy a new outfit

This year … Maintain my weight and exercise 3 times weekly

In 5 years … Maintain my weight and stay fit

Mess… what type of things have you been putting off? (Procrastinating)

This week … Organize my bedroom closet

This year … See my sister who I have been fighting with and avoiding

In 5 years …Create and stick to a cleaning schedule

Economics… How would you picture your finances?

This week … Review my spending habits

This year … Stick to a routine of tracking my finances

In 5 years …Have a new a job that pays $75,000 a year

Sunshine to yourself and others … How would you picture yourself giving back to others or society or improving how you care for yourself?

This week … Call my Mom and to have bubble bath nightly

This year … Be fit enough to do the run for cancer

In 5 years … Volunteer at least 4 hours a month or 240 hours in 5 years

Look to the FRAME of your life and make it an awesome pic!

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