Relieving Anxiety: What Works?

Let’s explore relieving anxiety! We need grounded research to know how any treatment works. I will explain what the best treatment for relieving anxiety is in a non clinical way. We need to see what works from a personal and a professional perspective. I have lived with anxiety since I was 4 years old.

As a therapist I have looked extensively at the research and used many treatments.

Anxiety can feel like a dark tunnel the good news is treatment works!

relieving anxiety

What I have learned is, the best treatment for relieving anxiety is a mixture of approaches. The 4 that work the best are in this order.

These 4 Approaches Together Make The Best Treatment For Relieving Anxiety!

  1. Cognitive Therapy (CBT)
  2. Positive Psychology Interventions
  3. FRAMES Planning
  4. A sense of something other than yourself

Let me tell you how each of these helped me to realize that this combination is the best treatment for relieving anxiety!

All 4 approaches are used when I do sessions. I offer them on Skype, by phone, or in person.

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They are also explained in detail in my book Picture Your Life.

CBT changed my life! It is so simple to do when you use it daily. It is about living the truth instead of believing lies. For example I was raised by a father who told me at 4 years old that I would be in school and work for the next 60 years so enjoy being 4! This is just a small idea of the negative statements he said. It is also a lie! I have had a blast in my life because I know how to deal with my issues! He didn’t. To learn more on CBT and anxiety go to the bottom of the page see filed under and click on the word anxiety. See all my posts on anxiety some are on CBT.

I first heard of positive psychology in 1990. I was stuck in a job that I felt trapped in and the hospital I was working for was doing training on something called Google! First thing I typed into Google was “How to be happy.” The research done by positive psychology staff is extensive. This is what I discovered on my first Google Search and it changed my life even more. It works! I learned how to have real positive thinking not Pollyanna’s! We have bad things in our life and good. Finding the good and relishing it is the key! To learn more Click Here!

FRAMES planning is all about making the Picture of Your Life as focused as it can be. Anxiety can come from lack of focus. We need to know what E: economics is and deal with it to not worry. We need F: fun in our lives. Anxiety zaps the fun. FRAMES is a word I use to help people plan in my book and in sessions I do. To learn more Look At My Book.

Anxiety can make us focused on our worry. This can be distracted by the 4th part of the 4 best treatment for anxiety, a sense of something beyond us.

For me this is #1 really! Research puts it in the order outlined. Getting beyond ourselves can come from a spiritual awakening or getting involved in something you passionately believe in. It is a great distraction method.

You may have noticed the best treatment for anxiety is not medication. I do assess people for medications but it is not the fix for anxiety. I also assess people for supplements.

Anxiety can be treated. It has worked for me and it can work for you!

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