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Treatment for anxiety needs to look at more than just the things that provoke anxiety. We need to go beyond just the one issue of anxiety. Life has so many things that can go wrong! It is not easy and life can be complicated. Treatment for anxiety that works needs to take into consideration all the differing aspects of life. There are many posts on this site outlining typical treatment for anxiety. What this post is about is how to deal with anxiety as it relates to our real and everyday life. It can feel like a rocky place to climb. Support and knowledge of the mountain make the climb much easier!

Treatment For Anxiety

Other post on treatment for anxiety can be found at the bottom of the page see filed under and click on the blue word anxiety.

In my book Picture Your Life it explores FRAME work thinking. There are 4 FRAMES we look at. All need to be worked on because all of them can make our anxiety worse or better. Much of this is common sense.

FRAME 1 Relationships:

Let’s face it people can be complicated! Sometimes just accepting people for who they are can help our anxiety. But we do not want to be a doormat. We need to have a clear plan of how to directly deal with people, accept them, or avoid them!

There is going to be full explanations on each of the 4 FRAMEs in the next posts. Stay Tuned.

If you need treatment for anxiety I do phone, Skype and in office sessions.

Fees are on a sliding scale and there is NO WAIT LIST!

FRAME 2 Life Goals

We tend to get worried about life and how we are living it. We need to give ourselves credit for what we have done. Coping with a major issue of anxiety is a GREAT achievement. But we look at the negative. Yes we do want to get the goals we hope for but we need a balanced outlook not a perfectionist view.

FRAME 3 Keeping Thoughts in Check: Healthy Mind Work

We need to watch what we think. My other posts speak of this in detail see the ones on CBT.

FRAME 4 Find the Spirit and Give

Mindfulness is researched as one of the most effective tools for anxiety. Meditation has shown clinical evidence to lessen the minds worry. Helping others is very beneficial in helping ourselves it can distract us from our worry and increase our self esteem.

Treatment for anxiety needs to cover most if not all of these aspects of life.

Treatment For Anxiety Works!

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