Anxiety Help Given: It Can Help Us!

Many of us need anxiety help. There is no shame in it. It is a disorder not a weakness. There are many posts on this site speaking of how to get anxiety help. What you can do for anxiety to help yourself is clearly discussed. What we are going to explore today is what anxiety can do for you!

Anxiety Help

Let face it anxiety is a heavy load to carry.

As a therapist I specialize in anxiety help. What is interesting anxiety has some benefit. One of the problems of having anxiety issues is it can blind us from seeing what maybe just in front of us, that anxiety can help us.

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What I want to discuss is something called post traumatic growth (PTG). Now this may seem slightly Pollyannaish but what I want you to see is how we can grow even through some of worse times of our lives.

If you need Anxiety help I am here there is NO WAITLIST!

My book Picture Your Life explores how we can picture the best life we can live. It outlines how to deal with anxiety and find peace and contentment!

PTG is seeing the positive change in adversity and rising to higher level of coping. For example, my daughter was hit by a semi truck going a 100 kilometers an hour. As a result she has a traumatic brain injury. Let’s be honest this really was the worst day of my life! How have I benefited? It really helped me to see how much I value her. I have watched her cope and grow through this for 10 years now. It has helped me be a better therapist. I am so grateful to be with her and watch her grow. At times it is still hard and seems unfair. But there was good.

Wisdom builds as we go through adversity if we face it without blinders on. The anxiety we suffer is not fun! Why not see how to use it to our advantage. Many people I see with anxiety are very careful. I often say to them being careful can be a really wonderful trait. Maybe they have not been divorced 3 times or gotten arrested for drugs.

We can get the anxiety help we need! Please look around my site I do phone and Skype sessions or in office ones. I would love to help you through this hard time!

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