Deal With Anxiety

We need to know how to deal with anxiety. It is not fun and it takes determination. What is hard is it zaps our energy and that determination is tough to find. Sometimes it feels like WE ARE HANGING OFF A CLIFF! This post is about 10 steps to find and keep that determination.

deal with anxiety

Please see at the bottom of this post many more about how to deal with anxiety.

This post is about building resilience.

10 steps to build resilience to deal with anxiety!

  1. Develop a core set of beliefs nothing can shake… This could be faith in God. It maybe that we value our family and want our kids to learn how to deal with adversity from our example.
  2. Try to find meaning in your experience of anxiety… How has it made you who you are? Are you a more caring person to others because of it? Adversity can shape us for the better and it can destroy us. We need to see that facing it can make us stronger and it can be an example to others.
  3. Try to maintain a positive outlook… We need to see the good around us. Yes we have to deal with anxiety but it can put blinders on us. Take off the glasses and see the sun it is still shining in your life even if it does not feel like it.
  4. Find someone else who has dealt with adversity well and learn from them.
  5. Don’t run from things that scare you face them.
  6. Look for support when things are bad. I am here if you need support. I see people on the phone, Skype & in person.
  7. Try to learn something new to distract you… Take a course with a friend like an art class, dance or anything else you enjoy.
  8. Exercise as much as you can. Walk like you’re in a hurry for 20 minutes 4 times a week. It is better to get the heart rate up. The research says this is one of the best things you can do to deal with anxiety.
  9. Don’t beat yourself up!
  10. Recognize what makes you uniquely strong and own it. This is what my book is about Picture Your Life!

These are 10 steps in building resilience to deal with anxiety. Research tells us we need to face adversity like we are running a marathon not a sprint. There is no short term fix.

We can deal with anxiety!


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