Anxiety Treatment

There are many ways to do anxiety treatment. The thing we need to do is to stick with it. CBT cognitive behavioral therapy works well. Anxiety treatment from the Dr Amen method has clinical proven results. Positive psychology is also well researched to be effective. My training is in all three methods.

anxiety treatment

What we need is the GRIT to stick to the methods and put them in practice each and every day. GRIT has been studied by positive psychology researchers to be the most important factor in success of any long term task. Anxiety can be a lifelong reality that can be dealt with but it needs GRIT… sticking to certain ways of handling life.

CBT is one thing we need to stick to. See my other posts on anxiety for examples.

We need to see things clearly and CBT helps us to do that.

Simple exercises outlined in my book Picture Your Life help.

Seeing someone like me who uses researched to be effective methods also helps.

I would love to see you for anxiety treatment.

The Dr. Amen method has natural supplements for mental health and anxiety that I assess people for. Exercise is really great. The research is really clear how much exercise helps anxiety treatment.

Positive psychology tells us that we need to be benefit finders not fault finders. Perfectionism can also make us very anxious according to positive psychology. We need to give ourselves credit for small achievements and not expect a hole in one every time we do something! Positive psychology encourages gratitude work. We need to see the good as well as the bad. Anxiety can blind us from the good.

The good news is anxiety treatment works but we need to stick to exercising our mind to beat it. We go to a gym for our body. I see what I do for those I support as a gym for the mind!

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