Generalized Anxiety Disorder Treatment

Let’s explore generalized anxiety disorder treatment. What is tricky about generalized anxiety disorder treatment is that there is no clear reason for it! For situational anxiety there is CBT Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. As a therapist who deals with anxiety myself I would like to talk about this from a individual and a professional perspective.

Generalized Anxiety Disorder Treatment

First and foremost anxiety is not a weakness. It is not our fault. Some of it is even genetic. There are prescription medications that do work but I do not like to use this as the first option. I am trained in the Dr. Amen method of brain health science and he has developed supplements that I can assess you for. They are somewhat expensive but do have a money back guarantee.

The tricky thing about generalized anxiety disorder treatment is that anxiety is also caused by situational issues. Life can trigger anxiety as it does for me all too often. For this I use CBT.

See this link for more information on CBT. It has changed my life. I use it every single day. What Dr Amen teaches is that we need to exercise our brain. It is like going to a gym for the mind!

Needing Generalized Anxiety Disorder Treatment?

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Learning how to be a benefit finder rather than a fault finder is also very helpful. 60% of us are genetically predisposed to be fault finders. This is why anxiety is not our fault. It is a brain issue much like epilepsy. We would never think of blaming ourselves for having epilepsy. Guilt and fear are a big part of anxiety. We need to learn to talk ourselves out of it.




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