What is Panic Attack Explained

What is panic attack will be explained. This is post # 6 of 25 Panic Situation Solutions.

There many ways to explain what is panic attack: This is why I like to outline Panic Situation Solutions. Each circumstance is different.

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My book Picture Your Life is about contentment. Panic is inherent in many things please take a look at my book and see how peace that is ongoing can be found.

The Panic Situation Solution we are going to look at is dealing with fear in the car.

You’re on a busy highway and there is a long bridge. You get on it and it feels like you’re going to slide off the side of it. The steering wheel is wet with sweat you get over the bridge and pull over. You feel dizzy and out of control.

You asked what is panic attack? THIS IS IT!

What are you going to do? Here is the answer.

  1. Always look for facts. Are you safe? Can you drive home? What is the next plan?
  2. Breathe deeply see panic post # 5
  3. When you get home do not avoid driving. Avoidance puts you in a box you may never get out of. What is Panic Attack
  4. Look at my panic posts on CBT develop a plan about how you can keep driving.
  5. Do the WOW of NOW… The NOW is safe, go over how safe you are, you have a nice bed, a warm meal, people who love you. Panic Sucks but you can deal with it.

  6. Face it Attack the Panic with the skills that I know you can learn.


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