Causes of Panic Attacks Explored

Causes of panic attacks will be explained. What is important to note is the causes of panic attacks are countless. It all depends on who you are. What is your back ground? What work do you do? Who do you hang around with? This is why I like to review Panic Situation Solutions. This post is # 7 of 25 and will talk about fear of flying.

You need to face the fear or you will be suffocated by it. There is a way out!

Causes of panic attacks

Causes of panic attacks on an airplane:

It could be a disorder that is genetic as all panic and anxiety could be genetic. If you have had a scary flight this could be one of the causes of panic attacks. Let’s face it flying is a freaky thing. You are in an enclosed space of metal that is racing in the sky.

So pretend you are in an airport and you are feeling very anxious and panic is raising its head knocking at your mind. How do you answer the door of your thought process?

  1. Remind yourself this is panic knocking at the door of my mind.
  2. Always review how safe you are NOW when panic begins.
  3. Yes deep breathing helps.
  4. Tell yourself how safe you are. If you have calming supplements take one. I assess people for ones that work….contact me at the bottom of the page. There are also medications for panic I can help you decide what is best.
  5. Listen to music with a head set that calms you 9 inch nails is not the best!
  6. Keep breathing deeply as you wait for the plane. Close your eyes think of your kids or something nice.
  7. Walk onto the plane and sit down keep your headset on as long as you can.
  8. Look to find a good movie or read a book or close your eyes.
  9. If God is your support as God is for me think of a text that is calming like “The lord is my Sheppard.”
  10. After the flight celebrate that you got through this!!!

Causes of panic attacks and other situations are on all my panic posts at the bottom of the page.

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My book Picture our Life is all about contentment. Please take a look. We need to find peace deep within to deal with causes of panic attacks!

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