Causes Of Anxiety Attacks

Causes of anxiety attacks are many this is why I like to explore Panic Situation Solutions. The causes of anxiety attacks vary depending on the situation. This is # 9 of 25 Panic Situation Solutions that I have posted each one focusing on a different reality. We are going to focus on one that just happened to me: Getting stopped by the police while I was driving!

Causes Of Anxiety Attacks

Oh My God getting stopped by the police really can get panic into a manic phase! I was on a nice trip to a beach really relaxed. There was a long line of cars turning left so I went into the next lane to go around them. A person  was crossing the street and a monster truck was next to me. I noticed that the lane had a right turn arrow but I thought I could go ahead and get around the truck going left. The person crossing the street was out of sight due to the monster truck so I went ahead.

5 seconds later a police car is behind me with lights flashing! Oooooops, my heart is racing, my head is pounding and there is a lump in my throat. For sure this is one of the causes of anxiety attacks! He gets my info and tells me I was not to pull forward and the person crossing the street was not at the end of the street when I pulled forward and that was illegal.

WOW I was going to get 2 tickets not just one. So as a therapist who suffers from anxiety and the occasional anxiety attack what did I do?

First was 3 rounds of deep breathing with my eyes closed telling my wife I needed a little space and quiet while he was looking up my info to see if I was a criminal on the loose! Then I told myself that this is about money and me making a mistake. I have the cash to pay and I am human. This helped only slightly. I have a calming prayer I say and this helped more as the officer was taking 20 minutes and talking on his mic frantically. I thought my God I know I am not at large what is he talking about on his mic. After what seemed like forever he got out of his car to teach me a lesson of negative reinforcement.

He raced to my car and handed me my info and said this is your lucky day! He had a real criminal he needed to chase and sped off leaving me in the dust not having time to give me a ticket!

We need to know stuff happens and those times that really SUCK can be one of the causes of anxiety attacks.

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Causes Of Anxiety Attacks Are Many

We can deal with them and be ready the next time that event that really sucks happens

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