Youth Mental Health

Youth Mental Health Matters

Youth mental health is so very important.

Youth Mental Health

Here are some signs that there may be issues…

Changes in feelings: Your child may show signs of being sad, worried, guilty, angry, fearful, helpless, hopeless, lonely, or rejected.

Changes in physical health: Your child may start to complain of headaches or general aches and pains. They may feel tired all the time or have problems eating or sleeping.

Changes in thinking: Your child may say things that indicate poor self-esteem, self-dislike or self-blame They may only talk about themselves negatively. They may have a hard time concentrating. In some cases, they may show signs that they’re thinking about suicide.

Changes in behaviour: Your child might withdraw, cry easily, or show less interest in things they used to enjoy.

If this lasts for weeks help is needed.

Who does it affect? Youth mental health does matter. Need support? click here

Depression often starts between the ages of 15 and 30 but it can come sooner. This is something that needs to be addressed. Kids have complex lives these days. Pressure from peers is intense! It is not easy and sometimes it can build into a state that feels hopeless. Hope is here! It is soooooooooo treatable. We need to face the fact that the issue may be something we need help with. That is ok!

What can you do about it?

Depression is very treatable. Medication is not the first course of action I recommend. Talk therapy helps and there are some supplements that can help as well.

 I offer support for both the children and parents over the phone of on skyp. 

Help is here there is NO WAIT LIST. My daughter suffers from a mental health concern so I understand.

This is not your fault. It can be treated.

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