Anxiety Tips: 4 Tips That Work!

Anxiety tips can be simple yet anxiety is not a simple matter. As a therapist and a person who suffers from anxiety I know how it affects every part of our lives. How can a simple fix like deep breathing work for all aspects of our life? It can’t!

Here Are 4 Anxiety Tips That Work

  1. Face your fears
  2. Think true thoughts
  3. Balanced living
  4. Medication is not the answer

We need to face our fears

Social anxiety comes from not facing our fears. We avoid and feel better in the prison of our lives. Freedom is in facing our fear. How can a trap be a solution? It helps in the short run and cripples us in the long run. You will need some support to this.

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Planning helps with fear. Predicting what will cause the fear and knowing how to deal with it is essential. For example, if you are afraid of getting lost use a GPS. Fear of public speaking can be overcome by practice and presenting in safe places. Get an accommodation from your doctor to speak in front of only 4 people in a school presentation. Think about it. Anxiety is disabling. We have a right to get accommodations. This is a ramp for the mind and heart. We do not need a wheelchair ramp but we do need a ramp to deal with speaking before a large crowd!

Think true thoughts

We need anxiety tips that are practical.  Thinking what is true connects to cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). I have written other posts on this please scroll to the end of the page and click on the blue word anxiety by filed under. This will take you too many posts and anxiety tips. See the one on CBT for anxiety

Balanced living

Rats running around in circles are very anxious.

anxiety tips

In many ways, we are all in the rat race. We need to realize this and act like humans!

Einstein said “Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving.”

To deal with anxiety we must get on with life but not let the rats take over. Planning is the key. Time for fun, time for health (exercise or yoga) time for money management, time for friends, time for our soul. The Rolling Stones said, “time is on your side”. Yes, it is. We have 24 hours in a day and each day we have 24 more. It is the most renewable resource we have. The question is what do we do with it?

Medication is not the answer

Most medications for anxiety are addictive. I do assess people for supplements and sometimes we can find a medication that is not addictive but most anti-anxiety medications are. It can be a short-term solution. For example, if you are going to a stressful event a little medication may help for that event. We need to be careful that we think a pill is an answer.

The answer is in using all 4 anxiety tips!

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