Major Depressive Disorder Treatment

Clear information on major depressive disorder treatment is found here. The 3 things you need to know and never forget they are mind the 3 Ms!

  1. Measure
  2. Medication or supplements
  3. Mind and soul work

Major Depressive Disorder Treatment

Measure: You cannot fix what you have not measured this is the first thing you need to know about major depressive disorder treatment. It is amazing how many doctors, naturopaths and therapist that never do a depression test. This should be done 3 weeks before you start treatment and done every week for the rest of your life.

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Medication or supplements: I assess people for the best medication or supplements that will help with major depressive disorder treatment. The thing that you need to know is this will take time. The meds or supplements need to build in your system. They will not fix situational depression issues. If you are trapped in an abusive marriage meds will not fix it. I like to try people on supplements first the ones I recommend give a money back guarantee. They are expensive so the pros and cons need to be worked out.

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Mind and soul work: Our mind twists and turns inside of us. What works is CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy). We do not want to believe lies that form in our mind. For example we may think our boss is out to get us. We need to see how true this is. Maybe they are like that with everyone and it is not just us. Things like this really bring us down.

Click here to learn more about CBT and depression.

Our soul is the thing that will lift us and can be forgotten when exploring major depressive disorder treatment. We need to find the beauty of who we are. This is our soul self.

I help people with this but do not push it on people if they do not want to go in this direction with major depressive disorder treatment.

Yet exploring this reality can be very effective.

Major Depressive Disorder Treatment Is Effective!


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