Beat Depression Today: 4 Steps

Let’s look at what is the best way to beat depression.  We are going to explore 4 steps.

Step one is know your thinking

Step two is deal with your relationships

Step three is see the good

Step four is to look beyond yourself

Beat Depression

Know Your Thinking: We have 70000 thoughts a day! This alone can make us feel down. Our mind can be a parade of lies at times. For example if you have been sexually assaulted and you feel it was your fault that is lie. Abusers love to blame! We tend to blame ourselves for things that are totally untrue. We have tapes going on in our mind that repeat over and over. Please see the post CBT depression. Go to the bottom of the page see filed under and click on depression.

Deal with your relationships: People can drag us down. Finding relationships that we can count on is so critical to beat depression. These relationships are jewels and can be hard to find. We need to make sure that we do not dump our depression onto them. Relationship is about give and take. Dealing with negative relationships can be tricky. It maybe a co worker and the situation may make it hard to deal with. This we might need to accept. Abusive partners and so called friends at times are hard to confront. Having a plan helps.

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See the good: Depression can blind us. We need to look for the good around us. We need to see the good in ourselves. Gratitude work has shown amazing results in helping people beat depression. It can seem fake at first but it works. Simple interventions like saying 3 things that were good today before supper as a family. Or brushing your teeth while you think of 5 things you are grateful for.

Look beyond yourself: The number one thing we can do to beat depression according to many studies on the subject is to help someone else! Bake a pie for a friend. See your mother (as long as she does not bring you down). Volunteer for a walk for cancer. It can be big or small. Finding the spirit within also helps us to look beyond. It can be the best way to BEAT DEPRESSION!

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