How To Overcome Depression!

To overcome depression we need to dwell on the good not the bad. Finding the Up Side of Down!

We need to flip our thinking. My wife has had depression for 60 years on & off. For 40 years she was depressed most of the time. As a therapist living with her & supporting her I have learned so much about how to overcome depression.

Here is how she has found the Up Side of Down.

According to positive psychology researchers finding the Up Side of Down is a way to build resilience! We need to see the good in the adversity we face.

One thing my wife has learned from her depression is how to enjoy being well.

Good days are to be relished we need to appreciate our mental health. Some days are not as dark as others the clouds part a bit. We need to see that little ray of sunshine, feel it and sense it on our face. Have it soak into our being.

overcome depression

Compassion and empathy for others is another lesson depression has taught my wife.

Compassion holds the hand of understanding and kindness. Some of the best therapists know how to listen because they have been there.

Depression can teach us how to fight really hard!

It can also show you how to push yourself.

These are 2 qualities that shine in my wife and help her overcome depression.

When you have been depressed for 40 years & then start to feel better you need a sense of determination to not go back to that space again.

This is the last thing that depression has taught my wife…

To work hard to keep healthy to not relapse.

This means

  1. Exercise
  2. Use CBT {Click here to learn how}
  3. Learn positive psychology  {Click here to learn how}

You can overcome depression

It is soooooooooooooo possible. If you would like some support please contact me below.

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