Help Someone With Depression:10 Tips

One thing I know how to do is to help someone with depression. As a therapist I have 2 people I love the most who live with depression. My wife and my daughter both suffer from it, live with it, deal with it, fight with it and at times just accept it!

help someone with depression.

Here are 10 practical tips to help someone with depression…

  1. Never say pull up your boot straps or something like it!
  2. Do not feel like it is your fault.
  3. Know it is an illness not a flaw. IT IS NOT THEIR FAULT
  4. Learn about it like you are now.
  5. Learn CBT {Click here to learn how} It has changed my life, my daughter’s life & my wife’s.
  6. Practice gratitude as a couple or with your loved one.
  7. Tell them what they are doing well. Stop would, should & could.
  8. Learn Positive Psychology {Click here to learn more.}
  9. Buy my book and use it! {See Picture Your Life click here}
  10. Get support for yourself. It is hard to help someone with depression

If you would like some support please contact me at the bottom of this page.

I would love to help you help someone with depression!

Love goes a long way. Support goes a long way. But we do not want to be pushy.

People with depression need understanding not pressure. We cannot be a therapist for them but we can be a loving presence. This goes a long way toward healing.

It has been said love conquers all.

There is hope but we need to learn to cope. The helper needs to learn to cope and so does the person being helped!

The person experiencing the depression needs to see that hope. They need to feel your love.

Yet they may not acknowledge it or show you much response to it.

That is hard to do when you’re feeling blue!

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