Anxiety Attack Relief Is Here

To get anxiety attack relief we need to attack all aspects of our life. It is a battle that we will win! Panic can affect our relationships, our jobs, and our life goals. The next 3 posts will be on those topics. Today we are going to explore how to deal with panic in relationships.

We need to face each other and not put issues under the covers!

Anxiety Attack Relief

Anxiety attack relief as it relates to relationships can be complicated. Let’s face it people can be hard to deal with and be unpredictable.

Here are 3 things we need to do to get anxiety attack relief in relationships:

  1. Deal with expectations
  2. Have a vision for what you want in the relationship
  3. Be assertive not aggressive


We need to be clear about our expectations and communicate them. At times they may not be able to be met. For example we may feel unloved and this causes panic. Is the root of this feeling connected to past relationships or childhood issues? This is something that may be connected to the feeling we have and not in our partner’s control.

Have a vision:

Panic comes from the unknown and fear about the future. If we know what we want to live together it is easier to see if you are living it. For example you may need more respect. If your partner is putting you down you need to be clear that it has to stop. But if you want them to be nicer this is not as clear. The vision need to be specific. It needs to be livable. It needs to be real.

Be assertive:

Yelling is aggressive not assertive. Yelling can cause panic. We need to communicate in the state of non feeling. Emotion leads to panic and aggression. This is a skill that needs to be learned.

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Anxiety attack relief in relationships can be solved!

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