How To Help Anxiety Attacks At Work

How to help anxiety attacks is not a short answer. Anxiety attacks many aspects of our life. In my last post we talked about how to deal with anxiety attacks in relationships the next post will be on panic if things are not going your way and you feel life is not giving you what you need. Today we are going to focus on panic in the workplace.

Panic at work is something I have lived for many years. I worked in a psychiatric hospital for 22 years and the thing that caused me the most panic was not the patients it was the staff!

How to help anxiety attacks

There are 3 things I discovered that helped me and showed me how to help anxiety attacks.

  1. Plan to attack the attack!
  2. Find a friend
  3. Do not avoid
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Plan the attack:

Sometimes the attack can come in certain situations at work. Some people can trigger us. Tasks can trigger a panic attack. Certain days can be worse than others. We need to plan for these events. Having an attack plan shows how to help anxiety attacks. If a co worker drives us nuts we need to know how to handle it. For example we can not have breaks with them every day. Avoidance is not the answer but if we can go for a walk 3 days a week and face them 2 days this could really help. Planning how not to get overwhelmed with certain tasks also helps. This is where a friend can be a life saver.

Find a friend:

We have to be careful not over burden people with our issues but having someone you can occasionally reach out to and bounce ideas off of is really beneficial. There is no shame in having an issue with anxiety. They may have it to!

Do not avoid:

Avoidance is not the answer to panic. It can make it worse and paralyze us. Avoidance puts us in the prison of fear. We can learn how to help anxiety attacks. It is a skill that takes practice. Looking at it like a practice can help. Most of the time people have no idea we are going through something. Dealing with panic is the answer. I have helped hundreds of people come out of the prison of avoidance and learn how to help anxiety attacks.

I would love to help you.

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