Stop Panic Attacks Now

We need to stop panic attacks in the NOW. We are going to explore how panic can invade our confidence and make us feel we are not getting on with life. First thing we need be grounded in is the NOW.

No way am I going to die

Only I can calm myself down

Wow that worked!

The NOW Stops Panic Attacks

Stop Panic Attacks

There is light in the NOW

No way am I going to die:

Life goes on. We may feel like we are not getting where we want to go but is that true? Are we paying the bills? Do we know people who love us? Will we have a warm supper and a cozy bed to climb into? We are safe in the NOW. It is the future that drives us NUTS!

Only I can calm myself down:

We need to know we can stop panic attacks. Many times we are just feeling like things are all messed up in our lives. Yes we need to plan. We need to deal with issues. We need to strive to be fully alive and stop panic attacks! Scroll down to the bottom of the page and see filed under click on the blue word panic and see all the panic posts. There are many tips on how to stop panic attacks.

Wow that worked!

We have dealt with panic  many times and gotten through it. We can attack the attack with confident reflection. The NOW is good 99% of the time. If something needs to be dealt with you can do it. You just have to do it and not avoid. Avoidance is a prison you may never get out of. It feels good at first and that is the trap.

You can stop panic attacks

Finding peace and contentment is what my book Picture Your Life is about.

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