Love and Mental Health

Love and Mental Health go Hand and Hand

We need to believe we can have love and mental health. The two go together.   For some people who suffer from depression, the so-called “hormone of love” holds out hope.

Love and Mental Health

Oxytocin is that hormone . Love and mental health do go together.

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Oxytocin appears to change the brain signals firing of the amygdala, the part of the brain that plays a primary role in the processing of important emotional stimuli.

In this way, oxytocin in the brain may be a potent help in finding love! That’s why oxytocin is sometimes called ‘the love hormone.

We need to build up our confidence to find some one. In my book Picture your life we do just that. There are tools for building up and strengthen your mind to get the love you deserve. In my one to one sessions we review how to get the love you need in your life and this will make your mental health better.

How to believe in your self connects to cognitive therapy and positive physiology. I help clients to see how to love themselves and in turn others are then more attracted to them!

Why not harness it yourself and work with someone to help you find the love you have been longing for. it is there for you to have. We all want closeness. In Stages of development between the age a 18 – 35 intimacy is critical. Life is just better when you share it.

Having a mental health concern can be a good thing. We are more understanding. We listen well. We are sensitive to others needs. It is not all bad. Who we are is shaped by what we experience. The school of life is always open and ready for us to enter. Mnay of us have been through allot and have much to give someone else!

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