Mental Health Kids

Mental health kids need help and support!

Mental health kids parents need guidance and the ones they love need support as well. How to help your kids and still have boundaries is important. Healthy boundaries assist us in setting and maintaining our priorities in life.

Mental Health Kids

My name is Tim Tentcher and I have been working with kids and their parents to improve their mental health and have a happier family life for many years. Want to get support click here?

Some signs your boundaries with your mental health kids are unclear

  • You are unclear about your preferences and reluctant to voice your wants.
  • You do not notice feelings of unhappiness because are simply in survival mode.
  • You do more and more for less and less return on your time.
  • You make exception for a person’s behaviours.
  • You feel hurt and victimized.

How to improve your boundaries with mental health kids

Developing healthier boundaries in your relationships can help to lessen the effects of issues such as anxiety and depression

Generally, difficulties in dealing with emotions such as anger and anxiety lead us to make reactive rather than proactive decisions regarding how to be in relationships. Working with someone to develop a plan to help you and your kids is critical.

My approach connects to early intervention models and positive psychology. Positive Psychology is the scientific study of the strengths and virtues that enable individuals and families to thrive.

The field of positively psychology is founded on the belief that each of us wants to live a meaningful and fulfilling life. We want to cultivate what is best within ourselves and to enhance our experiences of work, love and play.

Learning how to set clear loving boundaries and also enforcing the positive works! We need to be clear in our expectations and have a picture of how we want our family to interact together.

Having this clear picture in the entire family members mind helps direct behaviour to become more manageable. This can be done by developing a family mission. Click here to see a video on how to develop a mission for your family!

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