Nutrition and Mental Health

Info on Nutrition and Mental Health

Emerging research shows Nutrition and Mental Health Matters. Food can have a direct impact on mental health, warding off depression and helping to treat more serious disorders. Want a session to learn more click here.

Nutrition and Mental Health

Just like the heart or any other organ, the brain is dependent on nutrients .for its function and its structure. What we eat creates our neurotransmitters, proteins, amino acids – the building blocks that do the heavy lifting in our bodies. Antioxidants, vitamins, healthy oils  help fuel our function, mood, and nerve cells that help our brains communicate.

Nutrition and Mental Health matters.

A Mediterranean diet, rich with fresh produce, healthy oils, fish and lean protein, is best. The more colorful the fruit or vegetable, the more healthy it is.:The diet, popular in Spain, Greece and Italy, among other nations in the region, helps to bring down inflammation and improve function in the brain.

Nutrition and Mental Health Heals

About 480 new cases of depression were recorded within four years. Results showed that those who ate a Mediterranean diet reduced their risk of mental disorders by 30 per cent.

Scientists have also found that omega-3 fatty acids may help enhance medication, even anti-depressants.

We may need a combination of nutrition and mental health with cognitive therapy. If we are feeding our mind thoughts that are untrue and negative we will not feel well mentally.

According to dietitians of Canada studies have reported diet patterns and the symptoms of anxiety and depression go together.

What we eat does matter to our brain. This is why I help the people I support find balance. It is not all medications that matter. Exercise is also very critical. It all needs to be put in a package of healthy living.

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