mental health coach

Mental Health Coach with 25 Years Experience

Hello my name is Tim Tentcher. As a mental health coach I make sure that the methods I use have proven results helping people to feel better. Just to tell you a little about myself.

mental health coach

Twenty five years ago I co-lead one of Guelph’s first cognitive therapy groups with Dr. Watt, former CEO of the Homewood Health Centre one of best psychiatric hospitals in Canada. I was founding member of the first inter agency team that developed an effective community treatment approach for people with a variety of mental health issues in the community working as a mental health coach.

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Throughout my career, I have designed innovative programming. I was a founding member and have been at the forefront of educational and conference development in PSR Canada. My researched perspective has been proven to help shine the light of reason on the shadows we all face. As a mental health coach I like to include cognitive therapy with life planning and faith in oneself and God if that is a direction you will find helpful.

Joel Eby uses Tim’s phone support he says “Tim has been very supportive and knowledgeable during my issues with Bi-polar disorder. He is very positive and always finds ways to make me feel better. He is very thoughtful.”

Meditation and contemplative prayer have been my spiritual foundation for over 35 years. My experiences as a hermit monk in northern Ontario shaped my early adult life, and later, I joined The Little Brothers of Jesus, a Catholic fraternity founded by Charles de Foucauld. After spending many years as a monk, I became a lay person and married Nancy, the love of my life.

I have spent 20 years working with a cutting-edge program that focused on helping people with severe mental health concerns as a mental health coach to think clearly and find their dreams. I credit the effectiveness of this approach to my discovery of the field of positive psychology[1], founded by Martin Seligman. The practice of Positive Psychology offers a recipe for contentment that I teach to my clients.

But what I find really exciting is that the synergy between positive psychology and traditional approaches creates results and benefits that far exceeding either of these approaches alone.

I work with doctors, lawyers, factory workers, general labours and families who are seeking to improve focus and communication skills. I also work with individuals who are experiencing more severe mental health challenges, including bi-polar disorder.

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