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This Mental Health Website Has Effective Tools

We need a Mental Health Website that has effective tools sign up for my news feed and you can get them on a regular basis. The tools are from my book Picture Your Life.  Keep an open mind and find the health the mind can have.

mental health website

I wanted to build a mental health website that shows how you can use tools to help any ones life improve one the main tools is cognitive therapy. Here is how it works…First you have to realize that we have about 50,000 thoughts a day. With all that going through our mind not all of it can be correct.

In my book Picture Your life I outline how to sort through all that chatter.

It is important to find a mental health website that uses tools that have been researched to be effective. Cognitive therapy is one of those tools.

This is how it works. You need to spend a little while and put your thought on trial. Just because you think it or feel passionately that the thought is true it does not make it so.

First you must know the difference between a thought, a situation and a feeling.

For example a person who has been sexually abuse may think it was their fault and they are worthless. This is the thought, the situation is the abuse the feeling is worthlessness.

You can not change the fact of situation that the abuse occurred but you can challenge the thought that if was your fault. This will then shift the feeling of worthlessness.

I want to have a mental health website that shows people how to sort through the muck in our minds.

Abuse is not the victims fault. Not having motivation is not the person who is depressed fault. It is symptom of depression. It is so critical to think clearly and focused so the Picture of Your Life is clear.

Many times we are thinking a total untruth or a half truth. Cognitive therapy is not an easy thing to learn at first. It is hard because our feelings get in the way. We need to look at things rationally and get beyond the feelings.

In my book Picture Your Life there are other tools that help build self esteem, great relationships, a life that is clearly lived and is balanced. Many of clients have found clarity in their thinking has changed their lives. Why believe in something that may not be true. You are not a symptom, if you are struggling with motivation this maybe a symptom and you need affordable support. Getting beyond symptoms is the key to healing.

My hope is this mental health website brings clarity and healing.

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